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Meet Reiner Knizia: The man who’s designed over 700 board games

Reiner Knizia is like royalty in the board game community. With more than 700 published games, spanning a 25-year career,

Prague Examiner Prague Examiner

Ireland on track for €225m climate finance target – what can other European countries learn?

Campaigners say it is still falling millions short, while richer countries have just missed a deadline for the new loss

Prague Examiner Prague Examiner

Woman killed and 2 injured in crash at French farmers’ protest

Anger at wage stagnation, regulation and other problems is bubbling to the surface at protests across France. Escalating demonstrations by

Prague Examiner Prague Examiner

Climate denial is evolving on YouTube, report says, as third of UK teens think crisis is exaggerated

Climate denial on YouTube has taken a ‘disturbing shift’, according to a new report from the Center for Countering Digital

Prague Examiner Prague Examiner

Tesla recalls over 1.6 million imported vehicles for problems with automatic steering, door latches

Tesla is recalling more than 1.6 million imported vehicles for problems with automatic steering and door latches. Tesla is recalling

Prague Examiner Prague Examiner

EU Commission wants registry for foreign lobbyists

The European Commission wants to bring lobbyists and advocates for foreign governments out of the shadows under a proposal out

Prague Examiner Prague Examiner