Ukrainian tweet scrambles Biden’s press conference


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BRUSSELS — Just earlier than President Joe Biden began his news convention Monday, Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky tweeted that NATO agreed that his nation might be a part of the alliance.

“Commend @NATO companions’ understanding of all the risks and challenges we face,” he wrote. “NATO leaders confirmed that may turn out to be a member of the Alliance.”

Biden was inexplicably operating late, two hours late, and the tweet all of the sudden appeared to elucidate what could possibly be causing a delay.

Two days earlier than Biden is scheduled to satisfy Russian President Vladimir Putin, information of Ukraine joining NATO would have sent a robust message to Russia. In 2014, Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine and commenced supporting separatists within the nation, Russia has continued to amass troops alongside the Ukrainian border.

On Twitter, overseas policy specialists and journalists started to query what Ukraine’s announcement meant and what Biden would say. Some started to take a position Putin would cancel the meeting.

NATO, a 30-member alliance, was shaped in 1949 to counter the Soviet Union. It pledge that an attack towards one nation is an assault towards all of them.

When Biden lastly appeared in entrance of the cameras, he stated NATO would stand behind Ukraine’s “sovereignty and territorial integrity,” however didn’t mention the nation joining the alliance. It shortly turned clear that Ukraine had overstated what happened by not together with when the nation is perhaps admitted.

Biden on Ukraine joining NATO: ‘It stays to be seen’
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NATO had merely reiterated a 2008 dedication that Ukraine will in the future turn into a member. A U.S. official acquainted with the matter stated nothing had modified. “It’s very rigorously worded to provide help without committing to something as a result of the alliance is just not unified on this,” the official stated. Germany and France, particularly, are unlikely to help a path to membership.

Zelensky informed reporters Monday he was on the lookout for a “sure” or “no” answer from Biden on whether Ukraine can be admitted as a full member of NATO.

In answering a question about Ukraine joining NATO — though not specifically concerning the tweet — Biden responded: “It is determined by whether or not they meet the standards,” he stated. “The very fact is that they nonetheless have to wash up corruption. They still have to satisfy different criteria. Faculty’s out on that query, it stays to be seen.”

However he defended them towards Russia. “We'll do all that we will to place Ukraine within the place to be able to proceed to withstand Russian bodily aggression,” he stated. “And it will not simply rely upon me, whether or not we conclude that Ukraine can turn out to be a part of NATO, it'll rely upon the alliance and how they vote.”

After answering five questions over 25 minutes, Biden left. He never explained why he was late.

Betsy Woodruff Swan contributed to this report.