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Living in Europe / Living - 5 months ago

Biden and Putin talk, but about what?

Although it's stating the apparent, Russia has been at struggle with Ukraine since 2014. The current video summit between president Biden and Putin because of Russia’s giant army buildup at Ukraine’s border was as soon as again a response to a potent...

Living in Europe / Living - 6 months ago

Qatar is forging its own path

A quick take a look at a map of the Close to East and North Africa reveals two key information: 1) The area is politically divided into sparsely populated, however geographically monumental nations on one aspect; smaller nations on the opposite, most...

Living in Europe / Living - 6 months ago

Border pains: A set play by Belarus

Determined migrants sandwiched between the Belarussian-Polish border is a nasty quagmire. Additionally it is an impressively manufactured crisis. With threats to each EU and NATO borders on the middle of the state of affairs, an air of hysteria and a...