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Living in Europe / Living - 5 months ago

Biden and Putin talk, but about what?

Although it's stating the apparent, Russia has been at struggle with Ukraine since 2014. The current video summit between president Biden and Putin because of Russia’s giant army buildup at Ukraine’s border was as soon as again a response to a potent...

Living in Europe / Living - 5 months ago

Conflict in Ukraine and Kosovo are connected

Vladimir Putin claims that defending ethnic Russians justifies army action towards Ukraine. Putin’s concern for Ukraine’s Russian minority is bombastic. His larger international aim is to confront NATO and undermine US leadership to redeem the Russia...

Living in Europe / Living - 5 months ago

Why China cannot invade Taiwan

China’s current aerial incursion in Taiwan air protection zone and President Xi Jinping’s confrontational remarks re-prompted a debate on whether or not Beijing is capable of conquering Taipei.  The character of this delicate dichotomy nonetheless re...