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Updates / Updates - 9 months ago

Gazing into the Energy Crystal Ball for 2022

The Covid pandemic and geopolitical issues are more likely to be key issues for the power prices in 2022. “What we've got to have once we’re taking a look at these figures can be the financial debate on using all these commodities and the growing dem...

Updates / Updates - 9 months ago

Bulgaria’s new government maintains Enlargement veto

While Bulgaria’s November 14 elections managed to interrupt the political logjam that had paralyzed the country for many of 2021, which required three consecutive elections, the incoming authorities in Sofia has indicated it hopes to see progress, ho...

Updates / Updates - 9 months ago

Let us celebrate democracy and let us make it stronger

The eyes of the world’s main overseas coverage wonks have been all on Washington, DC, after President Joe Biden met with fellow democratic leaders on the “Summit for Democracy”. This was a key realization of his campaign pledge of 2020 and – co...