Prague presents its first 3D printed house


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By Irina Nikolaeva | Prague Every day Monitor |

20 August 2020

The weird spherical home referred to as Prvok (Protozoa) will probably be open for the viewers at Prague's Střelecký Island by the top of August.

At present, Prvok is a prototype for future projects. Scoolpt studio in partnership with Česká spořitelna - Buřinka invested plenty of money in the research. The costs for the production of this type of constructing are high. Nevertheless, the authors consider that soon the construction corporations will use 3D printing know-how in their works.

That is the primary home in the whole Czech Republic which was printed by a robot utilizing a 3D printer. The process of printing takes 22 hours, then 28 days for the concrete to harden. It's quicker in comparison with common manufacturing. The material is ok with any sort of climate: from heat to the chilly winters.

Michal Trpák, the sculptor from Scoolpt studio, supposes that 3D printing will turn into fashionable in a number of years as a result of the manufacturing gained’t require an enormous quantity of staff. It needs two workers in total: one is controlling the robot, and the second checks the quantity of combination.

Buildings like Prvok gained’t be flimsy; they're purported to last for more than a century. In the course of the special check, Prvok dealt with the 50 tons press.

Additionally, the design shouldn't be limited to atypical shapes. It may range from the owner's personality and imagination.

After Střelecký Island, the authors will transfer it to Naplavka and Prague-Lipence, the place it will be demonstrated for a yr. Scoolpt studio have already got demands for other 3D buildings. The studio can also be eager about selling this house for commercial use.