Prague might reintroduce compulsory mask-wearing in all public transport in fall


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Prague Day by day Monitor |

3 August 2020

Even if the Czech Republic managed to limit the unfold of the coronavirus, it didn't manage to eliminate it totally, and a number of other current situations, including a sudden spike in Prague’s instances, demonstrated the worrying tendency of the accelerating unfold of Covid-19 in Czechia. Several experts famous that it is rather doubtless that mask-wearing will turn out to be compulsory again in October or November, once the forecast circumstances permit for it.

Regardless that the virus is yet restricted to local outbreaks, the state of affairs may grow to be more difficult in fall, when the flu season begins.

“That is undoubtedly one thing we'll ponder on to be able to forestall the an infection spread at a time when quite a lot of different respiratory viruses can be circulating in the nation, and when the state of affairs shall be harder to deal with than now,” Health Minister Adam Vojtech (for ANO) advised CTK, as Expats.CZ reported.

In the mean time, the only public transport which falls beneath the obligatory sporting of masks on your complete territory of the Czech Republic is the metro, however residents may anticipate that to vary in the upcoming months.

"We definitely anticipate to introduce the sporting of medical masks on trams and buses as soon as the local weather permits”, stated the director of Prague hygiene station Zdeňka Jágrová after the spike of instances last week, 420 CZ reports.