Meteorologists are extending the heat warning


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Prague Day by day Monitor |

13 August 2020

Looks like scorching weather is right here to stay. The Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (CHMI) has extended its “extreme temperatures” warning, reports. On Wednesday, the warning involved North-western and Central Bohemia, in addition to southern Moravia, whereas at this time the warning consists of different areas with the typical temperatures extending 31°C in the shade.

The warmth is predicted to finish on Friday with the upcoming storm, rain, and the temperature of 27°C. In response to, maximal every day temperatures within the second half of August will remain at 23-25°C.

In case there isn't a approach so that you can cover from the sun, keep in mind some easy guidelines, which could save you from sunburns and heatstroke. Drink a whole lot of water to avoid dehydration - even if you are not thirsty. Make sure that to wear a hat and avoid being within the solar, as it won't only result in sunburns, but in addition to such illnesses as skin cancer. Also, make sure that your pets and youngsters drink loads of water, and by no means – ever – depart them alone within the automotive, even with the air-conditioner on.