How long is an Ice Hockey Game?


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Are you questioning, how long is an ice hockey recreation? We now have the answers for you! What's the official enjoying time? How long are the intermissions? What's the average complete time of a recreation? What determines the length? How lengthy have been the longest games in historical past? Let’s dive proper into it!

How long is the NHL ice hockey recreation?

The official enjoying time of ice hockey recreation is 60 minutes (three 20-minute durations). If it’s tied after 60 minutes, the play continues with extra time. The whole average time of NHL recreation is 2 hours and 30 minutes (including stoppages and intermissions). It is perhaps much longer if additional time is played.

In the regular season, the play continues with 5-minute sudden-death extra time adopted by shootouts. Within the NHL playoffs, the play continues with 20-minute sudden dying durations till one workforce scores (no shootouts). The sudden dying rule signifies that the sport ends instantly after one staff scores.

The intermissions between durations are 18 minutes long with no intermission earlier than extra time and shootouts within the regular season and 15 minutes intermissions earlier than every extra time period within the playoffs.

How lengthy are hockey video games outdoors of the NHL?

The principles for the totally different leagues are quite comparable, nevertheless, there are some differences, let’s have a look at them:

How long are international ice hockey games (Olympics, World Championships, and so forth.)?

The principles for international hockey (IIHF &- Worldwide Ice Hockey Federation) are the same as in NHL &- three 20-minute durations. The one difference is that the intermissions are solely 15 minutes long.

How long are hockey games in other skilled leagues?

The principles for most different skilled leagues are the same as international guidelines. Three 20-minute durations and 15-minute intermissions.

How lengthy is a university ice hockey recreation?

Most minor leagues have the identical rules as NHL &- three 20-minute durations. The games are just a little shorted simply due to often shorter intermissions and no business breaks.

How long is a minor league ice hockey recreation?

Most minor leagues have the very same rules as NHL &- three 20-minute durations with 18-minute intermissions. Adopted by extra time and shootouts.

How long are high school and youth ice hockey games?

Most high school and youth hockey games are performed for 3 15-minute durations with 2-minute intermissions. The entire time often doesn’t exceed 1 hour and 30 minutes.

How long are leisure or kid’s hockey video games?

On the recreational degree and kid’s degree, the sport is often performed at runtime, which signifies that the timer doesn’t stop, when there is a whistle. The clocks run the entire time until the top of the period (apart from some special occasions corresponding to critical damage or technical issues with the rink).

This implies, that recreational video games often last between 1 hour 15 minutes and 1 hour 30 minutes in complete time.

How long are hockey games outside of the NHL?

How does the hockey recreation final in real-time on common?

The typical complete time of a National Hockey League recreation is around 2 hours and 30 minutes. This consists of:

  • Three 20-minute durations of play
  • Two 18-minute intermissions
  • Recreation stoppages (the sport clock stops after every whistle).
  • Business breaks
  • Potential injuries and technical issues

The overwhelming majority of the games final between 2 hours and 20 minutes and a couple of hours and 45 minutes.

The game can last for much longer if it goes to the additional time, particularly within the play-offs. The longest recreation ever played in NHL lasted 176 minutes of enjoying time (six additional time durations), which was round 6 hours of complete time.

2 hours and 30 minutes is the most typical scheduled time for broadcasting hockey games.

How does the hockey game last in real-time on average?

What determines the length of the hockey recreation?

1) Enjoying time

The first essential factor is enjoying time. The vast majority of games last 60 minutes of enjoying time, nevertheless, it may be less on some events. High school and kid’s video games are shorter.

2) Length of intermissions

NHL and AHL games have 18 minutes long intermissions, different leagues often have simply 15 minutes intermissions. Highschool and kid’s video games often have simply very brief intermissions.

3) Business breaks

Business breaks are one other factor, which prolongs the game. They are in all NHL video games and in most different broadcasted games. NHL has three 2-minute business breaks every interval, which makes it a total of 18 minutes of commercials in the course of the recreation.

4) Whether or not the game goes to extra time

Through the common season, the sport can go to extra time and shootouts, which could delay the sport by as much as 30 minutes. It may be even far more in the course of the playoffs as there are not any shootouts. The longest games ever played took around 6 hours earlier than the additional time objective was scored. Many followers within the building fell asleep. Nevertheless, these are extraordinarily uncommon, the overwhelming majority of games are determined in the course of the first or second additional time. But, even one extra time can extend the game by as much as one hour (including intermission).

5) Recreation stream (stoppage time)

Recreation circulate has an amazing influence on the time as nicely. There are games, that are very fluent and referees virtually never have to whistle. Then again, there are games with so many scrimmages, penalties, icings, offsides, and so on., that there are just so many stoppages, which delay the game considerably.

6) Potential injuries

Ice-hockey is a hard-fought recreation and injuries occur. Most of the time, they don’t extend the game much as a result of the injured participant just goes to the locker room and the game can continue. Nevertheless, on occasion, there is a extra critical damage that the player needs to be taken out of the rink on a stretcher, which prolongs the sport.

7) Potential technical issues

Every now and then, there are some technical problems comparable to damaged glass, melted ice, broken timer, and so on. These also can extend the game.

8) Pregame ceremonies

There are additionally pregame ceremonies throughout some games, which delay the start of the game by a few minutes.

What determines the length of the hockey game?

How lengthy is extra time?

If the sport is tied after 60 minutes of play at the finish of regulation time, the sport continues to additional time. The additional time is performed with the sudden-death rule, which signifies that the sport ends instantly after one of many teams scores a aim. There are a couple of totally different guidelines for additional time:

NHL &- Regular season

  • 5-minute extra time
  • Played 3 on Three
  • Followed by Three shootouts

NHL &- playoffs

  • 20-minute additional time durations
  • 15-minute intermissions
  • No shootouts (there might be infinite additional time durations till one group scores a objective).

IIHF (Olympic Video games and World Championships)

  • Preliminary spherical& &- 5-minute extra time adopted by shootouts
  • Play-offs apart from the gold-medal recreation& &- 10-minute extra time followed by shootouts
  • Gold-medal recreation& &- 20-minute extra time followed by shootouts

All playoff games on IIHF tournaments are played 4 on 4.

How long is overtime?

How long are intermissions?

The essential observe is that the intermission timer begins when the final official (referee) leaves the ice. How long are the intermissions?


  • The NHL intermissions between durations are 18 minutes long (it was 17 minutes, but they changed it to 18 minutes a number of years back).
  • There are not any intermissions earlier than extra time and shootouts within the regular-season video games.
  • There are 15-minute intermissions earlier than extra time durations within the playoff games.

IIHF (Olympic Video games and World Championships)

  • The intermissions between durations on IIHF tournaments are 15 minutes lengthy.
  • There are 3-minute intermissions earlier than additional time (except the gold medal recreation).
  • There is a 15-minute intermission earlier than extra time in the gold medal recreation.
How long are intermissions?

Business Breaks

Business breaks are another issue, which prolongs the game. In the NHL recreation, there are three 2-minute business time-outs throughout each interval. These are taken at the first stoppages of play after the 14:00, 10:00, and 6:00 marks in every period.

The business breaks can’t be taken in these situations (they are postponed to the subsequent stoppage):

  • after a objective
  • after an icing
  • during power-play
  • over the past 30 seconds of the primary and second interval
  • over the past 2 minutes of the third period
  • during video assessment

The business breaks are additionally used for cleaning the snow from the essential zones of the ice (aim creases, in front of the benches and penalty bins, around the circles).

Commercial Breaks

The longest hockey games ever in NHL historical past

The longest hockey recreation ever played lasted whopping 176 minutes! It occurred in the early hockey period in 1936 between Detroit Purple Wings and Montreal Maroons. Mud Bruneteau was the lucky aim scorer. He scored in the 6th extra time period (9th complete period).

The longest recreation of hockey in the trendy post-expansion period lasted 152 minutes and occurred in 2000 between Philadelphia Flyers and Pittsburgh Penguins. Keith Primeau scored within the 5th additional time period (eightth complete interval).

Listing of the longest hockey video games in NHL history:

Enjoying timeDateProfitable staffLoosing workforceRatingScorer
& 176:30March 24, 1936DetroitMontreal Maroons1:zeroMud Bruneteau
& 164:46April 3, 1933TorontoBoston1:zeroKen Doraty
& 152:01Might 4, 2000PhiladelphiaPittsburgh2:1Keith Primeau
& 150:27Aug 11, 2020Tampa BayColumbus3:2Brayden Level
& 140:48April 24, 2003AnaheimDallas4:ThreePetr Sýkora
& 139:15April 24, 1996PittsburghWashington3:2Petr Nedvěd
& 138:06April 11, 2007VancouverDallas5:fourHenrik Sedin
& 130:18March 23, 1943TorontoDetroitThree:2Jack McLean
& 129:03Might 4, 2008DallasSan Jose2:1Brenden Morrow
& 128:52March 28, 1930Montreal CanadiensNY Rangers2:1Gus Rivers
& 128:47April 18, 1987NY IslandersWashington3:2Pat LaFontaine
& 125:43April 27, 1994BuffaloNew Jersey1:0Dave Hannan
& 121:09March 27, 1951Montreal CanadiensDetroitThree:2Maurice Richard
& 120:40March 27, 1938NY PeopleNY RangersThree:2Lorne Carr
& & 119:32March 26, 1932NY RangersMontreal Canadiens4:3Fred Prepare dinner

How long before the game should followers arrive?

The great rule of thumb is to arrive round 45 minutes before the scheduled recreation time. Why this early? Nicely, you'll be able to arrive final minute, nevertheless, there are various belongings you may want or need to do earlier than the sport akin to:

  • Find your seat.
  • Use a restroom.
  • Buy some meals and drinks.
  • Purchase some souvenirs.
  • Look around the area.

You may arrive even a bit of bit earlier if you need to see warm-ups. These often begin 30 minutes earlier than the scheduled recreation begin and final 15 minutes. Subsequently, for example, if the scheduled recreation start is at 7:00 pm, the warm-ups are between 6:30 pm &- 6:45 pm.

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