GECC Inspired to Establish HQ for Asia in Philippines


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Rey Nolasco, CEO of RTN-HMC, Joseph Lee, (middle) COO of RTN-HMC and Ronald B. Abad, CEO of RLTV Entertainment.


March 29, 2021, Prague, Czech Republic - In response to the growing number of businesses that need specialized studies that emphasize principles of sound and competitive marketing practice, Mr. Nolasco said "go to the heart of what it means to practice business." These include the right customer-client or buyer relationship, and access to effective services of what are competitive products.

GECC (Global European Chamber of Commerce) creation of a Satellite Office Center for Asia located in the Philippines in conjunction with RTN Holdings and Management Corporation (RTN HMC), is entering a new era," said Zach Villanueva, Chief Business Development Officer. The challenge now is to use a collective effort to shape program policies to achieve business competence which Mr. Nolasco is very qualified to do“ Villanueva added.

Each month, RTN HMC conducts eight to sixteen meetings. At these meetings, staff and volunteers meet to discuss with members and assess their on-going representation and advocacy with more complex solutions. "This is a symbolic move," said Rey Nolasco, CEO of RTN HMC. RTN HMC Business Team is an essential ingredient in a community-based approach with growth potentials and expansion.

RTM HMC has taken more aggressive steps and has continued to increase the availability of financial support with RPConnect's unique business program which is vital strategic programs that would otherwise be unmet.

Today, RTM HMC collaborates with technology providers and investment advocates rolled up into one which made Noubikko gives thumps up to Filipino Entrepreneurs. Noubikko is the CEO of RPConnect and among the panelist who approved GECC, Philippines.

RTN HMC also makes marketing presentations to inform members of benefits and empower them for valued services. Through these efforts, RTN HMC becomes instrumental in helping businesses access more markets and hopefully begin making their way to a more secure and stable market in Europe.