Czech Film Review: 2Grapes (2Bobule)


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By Lee Robert Adams | Prague Day by day Monitor |

19 August 2020

Sequels typically are likely to go for greater, quicker, more. So what ought to we anticipate from 2Grapes (no, I do not get the nonsense title either), the sequel to the delicate romantic comedy hit Grapes?

I obtained to enthusiastic about how the original movie had at the very least three scenes that hinged on the explosive properties of burčák (young wine). So if we comply with the bigger, quicker, extra model, what might be in store? Honza (Kryštof Hádek) returning to his felony methods and using bottles of burčák to blow open a financial institution vault? Or maybe changing his granddad's battered previous Citroen 2CV into a time machine, and using burčák to propel it to the required 142kmh to send it by way of time and area?

Sadly not, although there's one distillery-related explosion in the film. The story picks up with Honza, who has reformed after his spell within the slammer within the first movie and is dedicating himself to making his granddad's Moravian vineyard a hit. Granddad (Lubomír Lipský) has handed away but nonetheless pops up throughout the movie to provide Honza pep talks from beyond the grave, slightly like Obi-Wan Kenobi in A New Hope. Honza continues to be in a relationship with the beautiful Klara (Tereza Voříšková), who worries that he may be led astray when his irresponsible previous pal Jirka (Lukáš Langmajer) exhibits up.

Jirka is hiding out because he is managed to get the daughter of a criminal offense boss, Mr Kocúrik (Jiří Krampol) pregnant. Enraged, Kocúrik sends a hitman, Mr Tichý (Jiří Korn) after the younger man with the intent of creating him sleep with the fishes. Tichý, posing as a vacationer, takes up short-term residence with Honza's greedy neighbour Kozderka (Miroslav Táborský), who was the nominal dangerous guy within the first movie. Mr Kocúrik's spouse, Irena (Jana Švandová) needs their new grandchild to have a father, so the pair also set out to discover Jirka and name off the hit before it's too late.

Oblivious to the hazard on the doorstep, the bumbling associates fall again into their previous routine, getting pissed up on wine and discovering themselves in faintly comedian conditions. Klara skulks round and scowls, fretting about Honza falling back into his dangerous previous methods.

Director Vlad Lanné labours to recapture the breezy appeal of the unique film however struggles severely with the thin materials. Released around 18 months after the primary film, there's the air of a rushed cash-in about the entire endeavour, highlighted by the lacklustre performances of the principal forged.

Hádek, often such a recent display presence, seems notably dishevelled and sad. His efficiency suffers from Harrison Ford in Blade Runner 2049 syndrome, in an "OK, I am going to do your damn sequel, however provided that I get to put on no matter falls out of my closet first" sort of means. The guy wears the same two crappy t-shirts during the movie. I do not usually make an enormous deal out of this type of factor, but the laziness in the wardrobe department seems symptomatic of the entire challenge's lackadaisical really feel.

No-one within the forged fares notably nicely. Langmajer tries to resurrect his character's carefree antics but lacks power, like he is genuinely recovering from a nasty hangover. Voříšková's position is lowered to an extended cameo, turning her half right into a nagging girlfriend stereotype. Krampol performs the mob boss like a third-rate Anthony Quinn impersonator; Korn singularly fails to generate any menace because the hitman; and Táborský gurns and hams it up as the unfunny Kozderka.

The unthreatening hitman-on-our-tail plotline does not generate many thrills or laughs, aside from one comic set-piece when Tichý cuts the brake cables on our boys' classic 2CV. The automotive is such an unreliable previous banger that they barely discover. Meanwhile, bringing Kozderka to the forefront provides the film a corny sitcom feel, elbowing out the romantic component between Honza and Klara, which was such a profitable facet of the unique.

Even the cinematography by Klaus Fuxjäger does not do such an ideal job of promoting the sun-drenched vistas of the gorgeous South Moravian panorama that have been such an appealing factor of the primary movie.

Briefly, this low-wattage sequel runs out of puff lengthy before it reaches its predictable conclusion. It was still a hit at the box office and was belatedly adopted by a 3rd instalment this yr. 2Grapes features prominently on the promotional material for Czech Netflix, but this falls squarely into the "I watched it so you don't have to" territory.

What of 3Grapes? What might they probably do to reinvigorate this modest setup? Or does the components simply age really badly? Nicely, watch this area...


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