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by stanislav - 4 months ago

Beroun Pottery Market

This pottery pageant has taken place in Beroun for 25 years and it's all the time fantastic and fun to see.  Lovely pottery and ceramics from unimaginable artists might be on show so plan to take a number of items residence with you.  In addition, th...

by stanislav - 4 months ago

Wine Festival in Prague 2

This pretty and vigorous wine pageant takes place every year for 2 days at the lovely Peace Sq. and at Grebova Park in Prague 2.  Wine, burčák, meals, music and different leisure are on this system. It is value checking the pageant out both days beca...

by stanislav - 4 months ago

Battle of Bílá Hora

Reenactment of the Battle of White Mountain which happened on 8 November 1620 close to Prague.  It was one of many first battles fought in the course of the Thirty Years Struggle.  The reenactment is actually a sight to see and nicely value it as the...