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Living in Europe / Living - 5 months ago

Qatar is forging its own path

A quick take a look at a map of the Close to East and North Africa reveals two key information: 1) The area is politically divided into sparsely populated, however geographically monumental nations on one aspect; smaller nations on the opposite, most...

Living in Europe / Living - 5 months ago

The big industry that COP26 failed to tackle

The impression of agriculture on local weather change is critical. In line with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the agriculture sector is answerable for 10 percent of the total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, after transportation (29 %), el...

Living in Europe / Living - 6 months ago

Is Lukashenko setting a new trap for Europe?

One can hardly imagine the misery of the refugees on the border between Poland, Lithuania and Belarus. Hundreds of individuals from Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan, lots of them Kurds and Yazidis, are tenting in the woods in freezing temperatures with li...