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Faith / Tradition - 1 month ago

Fulton Sheen on the Sacrament of Marriage

Marriage as a sacrament belongs to an entirely different order than the mere union of man and woman through a civil contract. It basically regards a husband and wife as symbols of another marriage; namely, the nuptials of Christ and His Church. The...

Faith / Tradition - 1 month ago

St. Gemma and Her Guardian Angel

Angels are messengers between God and men. But sometimes they are also messengers of their protégés. St. Gemma Galgani, a young Italian woman who was born in 1878, began seeing her guardian angel when she was seventeen. The first meeting took place...

Faith / Tradition - 1 month ago

Contradicting Your Spouse in Public?

Join us for this episode of Divine Intimacy Radio “Contradicting Your Spouse in Public?”! If you would like to see the special live audience Q&A which takes place after the show is over, make sure to watch the video above! (Live audience Q&A...