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Economy hurting after Congress fails to act on stimulus

The number of job listings posted in the week ending Aug. 14 were 20 percent lower than they were at this time in 2019 | Joe Raedle/Getty Images */ ]]> Just weeks after Washington lawmakers allowed a $600-a-week boost in payments for millions of...

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Trump’s bet on a preelection rebound meets a new test

*/ ]]> After a spring and summer bolstered by cash infusions from the federal government of more than $3 trillion, the U.S. economy may have to sink or swim this fall with a relative trickle of support — presenting a significant threat to President...

by Top News - 1 month ago

A growing side effect of the pandemic: Permanent job loss

*/ ]]> Tens of millions of Americans have lost their jobs in the coronavirus recession, but for many of them the news is getting even worse: Their positions are going away forever. Permanent losses have so far made up only a fraction of the jobs tha...

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Landmark Fed business rescue struggles amid economy's woes

People walk past an open clothing store in Cambridge, Mass, in June 2020. | Steven Senne/AP Photo */ ]]> The Federal Reserve’s $600 billion “Main Street” lending program, designed to rescue companies whacked by the coronavirus pandemic, is sputte...

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Germany Suspends Extradition Pact With Hong Kong

Germany has suspended its extradition settlement with Hong Kong after the territory’s pro-Beijing authorities disqualified 12 pro-democracy candidates and postponed the legislative elections. “The decision by the Hong Kong Authorities to disqualify...