53 Most Interesting Facts about Cuba You Need to Know!


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Cuba is a very special and unique country! We've ready for you the ultimate assortment of probably the most fun and fascinating information about Cuba.

We now have divided these details into a number of classes &- laws, culture, geography, historical past, fauna and flora or well-known personalities. Take pleasure in!

Fascinating Information about Cuba &- Laws

1) Cubans weren’t allowed to buy cell telephones until 2008

Until March 2008, Cubans weren’t allowed to purchase and use cell telephones. They might be used solely by those that wanted them as a part of their work.

2) Government automobiles are legally obliged to select up hitch-hikers

Hitch-hiking is a quite common form of touring across the island, you will notice lots of hitch-hikers along the streets. Nearly all of locals don’t have a automotive. Choosing up hitch-hikers is obligatory for presidency automobiles by regulation.

3) Christmas was banned for 30 years

Cuba was officially declared as an atheist state by Fidel Castro’s government in 1959 and the Christmas was banned between 1969 and 1998. Throughout these 30 years, Christmas was a traditional working day in Cuba. The explanations have been each economic and political.

4) Cuba had two foreign money techniques until 1st January 2021

There have been two currencies used in Cuba until 1st January 2021. Cuban Pesos (CUP) for the locals and Cuban Convertible Pesos (CUC) for tourists. The tourist pesos had a 1:1 conversion fee with US dollars, which made it very straightforward to rely.

5) Cubans weren't allowed to import any overseas automobiles till 2011

Are you questioning, why there are so many classic automobiles on the island? Because Cubans were not allowed to import any overseas automobiles until 2011.

6) Journey insurance coverage is obligatory for vacationers visiting Cuba

You're required to have journey insurance coverage by regulation in case you are visiting Cuba. It is checked upon arrival on the airport.

7) You're allowed to drink alcohol on the streets in Cuba

There are not any laws that forbid consuming alcohol on public streets. Identical to in Brazil or Las Vegas.

8) Coca Cola is just not formally bought in Cuba

There are only two nations on the planet, where Coca-Cola just isn't officially allowed to be bought. These are Cuba and North Korea. However, you may be capable of purchase a Coca-Cola unofficially beneath the radar in some small stores.

9) The Statue of John Lennon have to be guarded

There's a statue of John Lennon in John Lennon Park in Havana. The tourists have been stealing the glasses too many occasions, subsequently there's now a guard holding them. He places the glasses back on the statue solely when somebody needs to take an image.

Most Interesting Facts about Cuba

Fascinating Information about Cuba &- Geography, and Life

10) Cuba is the most secure country in America

In accordance with Numbeo’s crime index, Cuba is the most secure nation in America with virtually no violent crime. It makes it of the preferred locations for solo female travelers on the earth.

11) Cuba is usually nicknamed “El Crocodilo”

El Crocodilo means crocodile in Spanish. The rationale for this nickname is that the island of Cuba resembles the form of a crocodile from above.

12) Cuba has one of many highest literacy rates in the World

Cuba has a literacy fee of 99.8%, which is likely one of the highest on the earth. It’s one of the positives of Fidel Castro’s communist regime. They made schooling obligatory and simply accessible to everybody. Cuba spends about 13 % of its GDP on schooling [1].

13) Cuba has the third-highest number of docs per capita on the planet.

In line with WorldAtlas, Cuba has 67.2 docs per 10 000 inhabitants, which makes it a third-most on the earth after Qatar and Monaco. There are extra docs in Cuba than on the whole Africa continent. Cuba has an extended history of sending docs abroad. They convey some huge cash to the Cuban financial system.

14) Cuba has an excellent healthcare

That is strongly tied with the previous level. There are such a lot of certified medical professionals and healthcare is completely free. The one drawback is usually a lacking infrastructure.

15) Schooling is free and obligatory

Not only healthcare, but schooling can also be free for Cubans. All youngsters are required to go to high school until they finish primary secondary schooling (15 or 16 years previous).

16) There are web hotspots on essential squares

The web connection is scarce and costly in Cuba. Many individuals don’t have the web at house. When touring to Cuba, you're in all probability going to be stunned, why are there so many individuals with smartphone gathering on squares. It’s because there are designated web hotspots on the primary squares of each metropolis and village. It’s the one place with internet for many people.

17) Cuba is the most important Caribbean island

Cuba has a population of 11 million inhabitants and an area of 42,426 square miles (109,884 km2), which makes it the most important island within the Caribbean and in addition the 17th largest island on the planet. Cuba’s coastline stretches more than 5,700 km.

18) The Cuban life expectancy of males is larger than that of men in the USA

The life expectancy of Cuban males is 76.eight years, which is greater than in United States (76.6 years). Ladies’s life expectancy is greater within the USA however it’s still shut (81.6 to 80.8). [2]

19) There are 9 UNESCO world heritage websites in Cuba

Cuba has numerous cultural and natural heritage and nine websites are in UNESCO. These embrace Viñales Valley, Previous Havana and its fortification, citadel San Pedro de la Roca, Trinidad and the Valley de los Ingenios, the historic centers of Camaguey and Cienfuegos, first coffee plantations within the South-East of Cuba, Alejandro de Humboldt National Park, and Desembarco del Granma National Park.

20) Half of the roads in Cuba are unpaved

There are 38 000 miles (61 000 km) of roads in Cuba and half are unpaved.

21) Tobacco, sugar, and nickel are the most important exports from Cuba

The primary tobacco merchandise are Cuban cigars, which are extensively considered the most effective on the earth. Sugar is exported both in raw type and in type of numerous rums. The nickel is being used overseas to make chrome steel.

22) There aren’t many motels in Cuba

Whereas looking for accommodation, you may notice that there are only a few inns in Cuba and they're fairly costly. The most effective form of lodging is in personal Cuban houses licensed for vacationers named Casa Particulares.

23) 90% of Cubans have houses beneath their possession.

Cuba has a homeownership fee of 90 %, which makes it the fifth-highest in the world after Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, and Singapore.

24) There are greater than 300 masonic lodges in Cuba

Communist states (together with the Soviet Union) traditionally are likely to outlaw Freemasonry. In Cuba nevertheless, there are more than 300 Masonic lodges. Many consider, that the reason being that Fidel Castro himself was additionally a freemason.

25) Supermarkets are sometimes virtually empty

A lot of the Cuban supermarkets are run by the government. Overlook the large choice of items we are used to from the USA or Europe. You ought to be joyful if they have one sort of item you're on the lookout for.

Most Interesting Facts about Cuba
One of the Cuba’s iconic vintage automobiles

Fascinating Details about Cuba &- Culture, and Traditions

26) Dolls are burned on New Yr’s Eve

Individuals burn human-shaped dolls on New Yr’s Eve in Cuba. What's the story behind this custom? Burning symbolizes the dying of your regrets and dangerous reminiscences.

27) Cubans are celebrating the new yr with a bucket of water

One other fascinating tradition takes place on New Yr’s Eve. Individuals take buckets of dirty water and throw them out into the street, which signifies that they're executed with all the dangerous stuff that happened over the past yr.

28) Domino recreation is common Cuban social exercise

When visiting Cuba, you'll in all probability typically see men enjoying dominoes in the street. It’s a extremely popular recreation and a social exercise among Cubans. Some neighborhoods even manage domino tournaments.

29) The second hottest religion in Cuba is Santeria

The preferred faith in Cuba is Catholicism. The second hottest is Santeria, which is African diasporic religion developed in the 19th century. Should you encounter individuals utterly dressed in white, they're santeros. The white gown is a logo of purification.

30) The preferred music style in Cuba is Son Cubano

Son Cubano is the preferred music genre in Cuba. It accommodates Spanish and African musical influences. It’s often an fascinating mixture of instruments corresponding to bongos, trumpets, claves, and the tres guitar.

31) Classic automobiles are the symbol of Cuba

Vintage automobiles are a logo of Cuba. Renting a basic previous automotive and driving by means of the town is likely one of the hottest things to do in Cuba. Cubans call classic automobiles “almendrones” (huge almonds) and their drivers “boteros” (boatmen).

32) One of many largest carnivals in the Caribbean takes place in Cuba

If you need to experience one of the largest and most colourful celebration carnivals within the Caribbean, visit Santiago de Cuba, where it takes place. It ought to be on every traveler’s bucket record because it’s really a singular expertise.

33) Cubans use an environment friendly queueing system

Sadly, there are queues principally for all the things &- supermarkets, Wi-Fi, and so forth. Nevertheless, the good news is, that Cubans use a terrific easy system. Once you arrive, you ask “El ultimo”? Which suggests “who is the final”? The queues often take 2-Three hours; subsequently, Cubans don’t fear about staying in the queue, they depart and go wherever they want and after they return, they're nonetheless in line after their earlier individual “El ultimo”.

34) Everyone has rocking chairs

Rocking chairs are in all places &- in every front room and every porch. They're in all probability more fashionable than couches in Cuba.

Fun Facts about Cuba
Famous Carnival in Santiago de Cuba

Fascinating Details about Cuba &- Historical past

35) Cuba was one of many final nations to abolish slavery

Slavery in Cuba was abolished as late as 1886, which makes it one of many final nations to take action.

36) 4 totally different US Presidents have tried to purchase Cuba

YrPresidentProvided Worth
1808Thomas JeffersonUnknown
1848James PolkUSD 100 million
1854Franklin PierceUSD 130 million
1898William McKinleyUSD 300 million

37) It has snowed in Cuba! Once!

Cuba is a tropical country with warm and humid climate year-round, subsequently it’s no surprise it never snows there. Nevertheless, once it did! The extraordinarily sudden occasion occurred in Cárdenas on March 12, 1857.

38) Cuba was managed by Spain between 1492 and 1898

Cuba was found by the Spanish explorer Christopher Columbus in 1492 and was managed by Spain since then. It lasted till 1898 when Cuba was occupied by america. It gained nominal independence in 1902.

39) Ernest Hemingway lived in Cuba for twenty years

Ernest Hemingway lived in Cuba between the years 1939 and 1959 and have written there two of his most well-known novels &- The Previous Man and the Sea and For Whom the Bell Tolls.

40) John F. Kennedy purchased 1200 Cuban cigars proper earlier than the US trade embargo started

President John F. Kennedy signed a commerce embargo with Cuba on February 7, 1962. Hours before that, he was capable of buy 1200 Cuban cigars for himself. [3]

41) Over 100,000 Chinese language individuals have been dwelling in Cuba in the mid-1800s

Only about 150 native Chinese language reside in Cuba right now. Nevertheless, within the mid-1800s, there were more than 100,000, almost all of them males. They have been delivered to Cuba as indentured laborers. [4]

42) Cuba rents Guantanamo Bay naval base to america for $4,000 annually

Since 1934, when the settlement was made, United States pay $four,000 every year for the rental of the naval base in Guantanamo Bay.

43) Che Guevara is all over the place

Che Guevara was a revolutionary hero and Fidel’s minister of financial system. His face is all over the place around the island.& There's also a memorial and a museum dedicated to him.

Fun Facts about Cuba
Faces of Che Guevara are all over the place.

Fascinating Information about Cuba &- Fauna, and Flora

44) The smallest chook on the planet lives in Cuba

Over 25 endemic fowl species are having a home in Cuba. Bee Hummingbird measures around 6 cm (2.Three inches), which makes him the smallest chook on the earth. It’s such a small fowl that you'd in all probability mistake it for an insect.

45) The smallest frog within the Northern Hemisphere lives in Cuba

Monte Iberia eleuth also referred to as Monte Iberia dwarf frog measures solely about 10 mm (zero.4 in), which makes it the smallest frog within the northern hemisphere and the third smallest frog on the planet.

46) There's the most important flamingo colony within the western hemisphere.

Cuba is a house of 70 000 nesting Caribbean flamingos and much more chicks, which makes it the most important flamingo colony within the Western Hemisphere. [5]

47) Cuba is the only place, where lives the rare fish referred to as Manjuari

Manjuari is a prehistoric uncommon fish in the household Lepisosteidae, which now lives solely in Cuba. Its other identify is Cuban gar.

48) There are not any animals or crops which are poisonous to people

Cuba has many species of snakes, nevertheless, there aren’t any venomous. There aren’t some other poisonous animals or crops, either.

Most Interesting Facts about Cuba
Bee Hummingbird &- the smallest fowl on the earth

Fascinating Information about Cuba &- Well-known Personalities

49) The primary Latin American astronaut is from Cuba

In 1980, Arnaldo Tamayo Méndez traveled to area as a member of the crew of Soyuz 38 spacecraft. He was not only the primary Latin American to visit the area. He was also the primary individual of African descent and the first individual from a rustic within the Western Hemisphere aside from the USA to journey to Earth orbit.

50) Cuba has the primary world chess champion born in a creating nation

José Raúl Capablanca was a world chess champion from 1921 to 1997. He's extensively famend as top-of-the-line chess players of all time. He had formally performed 583 event chess games and lost solely 35.

51) The first Latin American Olympic champion is from Cuba

Ramón Fonst gained the gold medal for fencing on the Paris Olympic Games in 1900, which makes him the first Olympic champion from Latin America. He gained three more gold medals in St. Louis in 1904. He is thought-about the most effective fencers of all time.

52) Cuba has the second most Olympic medals amongst all American nations

The one American nation with extra Olympic medals than Cuba is the USA. Dice gained a total of 226 summer time Olympic medals (78 gold, 68 silver, 80 bronze), which makes it the 20th greatest nation on the planet [6].

53) Cuba is among the greatest boxing nations on the planet

Cuba is taken into account among the best boxing nations on the planet. Cuban boxers gained 37 gold Olympic medals (19 silver, 17 bronze). The nation additionally has 71 world champions.

Fun Facts about Cuba

Details that aren't true:

1) Voting in Cuba is legally obligatory

Voting is just not obligatory; nevertheless, you possibly can vote for only one social gathering. Subsequently, it’s sort of pointless.

2) The typical Cuban salary is $25 per 30 days

In 2015, Cuba’s National Workplace of Statistics said that the typical monthly wage is $25. A recent survey came upon that it’s not true, Cubans earn considerably more. Nevertheless, it’s nonetheless not that a lot as only 16 % of the respondents said that they earn more than $200 per thirty days.

3) It’s onerous to get Visa for visiting Cuba for People

It was onerous however it’s not anymore. People have to have a Cuban Vacationer Card, nevertheless, it’s not that onerous to get. You'll find more info here.

4) You'll be able to’t buy beef in Cuba

Beef is scarce in Cuba. It’s principally given solely to individuals with medical diets or pregnant ladies. However, if you need beef, you will discover it in some restaurants and even stores. The quality shouldn't be nice, though.

5) Cuba’s vintage automobiles can’t be exported from the island and foreigners will not be allowed to buy automobiles in Cuba

This was true till the yr 2011 when the ban was finally released. You should purchase and export Cuban automobiles, it’s not gonna be low cost, though.

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